About Sam’s Diamonds

Sam’s Diamonds is a friendly support group for ladies as they journey through their Cancer treatment. We aim to offer support for those women who want to keep control of their life and enjoy each and every day. We want to help ladies get through their treatment with a positive outlook, living life to the full whilst making a great network of friends.

Cancer treatment can be the most frightening thing to happen to you and your family. During the journey through treatment, you may feel that you are losing control and that your Cancer is not just damaging your body, but taking over your life! Sam’s Diamonds helps you to take back control and keep you moving forward.

Sam’s Diamonds is aimed at ladies aged 18+ who love to live life to the full. We meet fortnightly at various venues throughout the North West of England. We provide positive experiences and opportunities with ladies who understand how you are feeling and who refuse to let Cancer stop them in their tracks. We talk regularly on our own secret group on Facebook page, (which is completely private) supporting you and directing you to services available to you in your local area. We have a number of ladies from across the UK who regularly chat and support each other. We aim to keep you actively involved with various activities such as fitness, coffee meet ups, workshops and many more. We aim to keep you having fun, learning new things, staying positive and loving life!!!

Sam’s Diamonds is currently developing in to more areas, so please join us and we can keep you posted about groups coming to your area.