I found my lump in the shower after a run. I went to the doctors straight away who confirmed there was lump and referred me to the Breast Unit at St Helens Hospital. Waiting was the worst thing ever.

After what seemed the longest time I finally got the news I was dreading. I had a 30mm grade 3 tumour. I knew it was bad news as soon as I walked in the consultants office, as instead of one person there was a crowd waiting for me.

6 months of chemo, surgery, five weeks of radio and what seems a lifetime on Tamoxifen, I am now (for the minute Cancer free) and I have never been so grateful to a crowd of people!!!

I lost my hair, my eyebrows and for a short time my confidence. I was sick and unable to do anything for a few days every 3 weeks (after chemo) but I was determined. I had a great bunch of friends who rallied round, looked after the girls, bought me treats and took me out. I walked my dog everyday and even tried to run a couple of times. I had the best family around me who saw me at my worst. My mum would travel from the Midlands every chemo and stay with me for a week. My husband was amazing and my two daughters were always there for hugs and cuddles. It wasn’t easy but I had so much love around me I felt blessed and now I feel truly grateful.

I am now back in work and feel that everyday is a blessing. I try and live my life positively. I am hoping next year to give back and raise money for Cancer charities.

I am grateful to all who helped me from my Breast Care Nurse ( Louisa ) my Surgeon, my Oncologist, the chemo nurses and to my wonderful family and friends x