Lyndsey Hudson

I first found my breast lump whilst on holiday in Turkey in 2008. Whilst taking a shower I found a small pea size lump in my left breast which in 2009 was finally diagnosed as invasive grade 2 ductal carcinoma.

At the end of 2009, I had 2 lots of surgery to remove the lump and also underwent axillary clearance which found that 2 out of 16 lymph nodes were positive. I was then advised to have a full mastectomy to avoid the cancer returning and would also need 6 rounds of chemotherapy and 5 weeks of radiotherapy.

As the cancer had been fully removed during my 2nd surgery there was no immediate risk so the Professor advised that I could have the 6 lots of chemotherapy and 5 weeks of radiotherapy prior to having a delayed mastectomy with immediate reconstruction.

I had my first lot of chemo on 2nd December 2009. 2 weeks after having my 1st lot of chemo, I decided to have my lovely long hair cut short so it was less stressful when it started to fall out. I invited a few friends and family round to have a “hair cutting party” to also take some of the stress away and make it a positive step in my journey. My family and friends were all very supportive and we all actually enjoyed ourselves. I donated my hair to the Little princess trust which made me feel that I had done something good for someone else.

My hair started to fall out a few days later so on Christmas Eve, my husband fully shaved my head. I was so surprised of how cold it was to have no hair on your head!

In November 2010 I had my mastectomy and reconstruction using my tummy and now 4 years on I am very pleased with my new boob and also my flat tummy!

I am also back at the gym and enjoy yoga and Pilates classes.

Lyndsey x